From Italy with love

Thank you Hilton Hotels & Resorts & Fabulous Mama&Family for organizing this trip for us!

On the road

for castings. Love traveling, even if it’s just by train in my own country 😉


If I would be able to continue my whole life being in different places while exploring and practicing my fields of work and passions; I’d be one lucky and happy girl. So let’s make that ‘if’ into reality. After having been able to do this in Argentina (where for six months I learned local music and dance, and…

Inspiration on the other side of the world

Before leaving the Netherlands to go live in Buenos Aires for six months, a lot of people asked me if I would be keeping a blog about my travels and adventures. “No”, I told them. So many people write blogs about this, and a lot of them write better than me, so why would I….