Social projects

The past few weeks I’ve been working on “This Is Me”, a project for teenage girls to make them aware of their self-image and to improve this.

Through contemporary creative methods – like runway training – the girls embarked on a process to learn to look at themselves and to discover their individual strengths so that they can present themselves while maintaining their individuality.

We have set this up because the way you look at yourself and think about yourself has a major impact on all surfaces in everyday life. And vice versa, everything also has an impact – either positive or negative – on the self-image.

Generally little attention is paid to this in their surroundings for which they are often not aware of it.
Therefore we executed “This is me” at a high school, an important surrounding for teen girls, to introduce the subject of self-image here.

With our light-hearted, fun and creative approach, we were truly able to reach the girls because they were willing to open up, learn and enjoy.

Kim and I were very lucky to have worked with this amazing group of girls and  will continue on!

With thanks to Kim Vos of Bdifferent, Lidian van Megen, Segbroek College and Bureau SAMEN.